Referrals to Other Funding Sources

Through its easy global coverage, the Internet favors ever greater levels of competition for the same customers. Like any complex system, its components become more specialized as it becomes bigger and more encompassing.

In the financial services world this means that seekers of capital generally have more choices than before, and that sources of capital must specialize. The days of the geographically-based generalist acting in isolation are numbered, and the customer is the clear winner, with access to the best specialists from all over the world.

We are ourselves specialists, and since we are committed to maintaining a sharp focus on our niche, we get all sorts of inquiries that do not match our programs. We send these leads to other funding sources as referrals.

In deciding where to send a referral we consider many criteria including the reputation, focus, historical conversion rate, and customer satisfaction rankings of each potential referral destination.

If your firm offers specialized financial services and is interested in receiving referrals, contact us.


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