How We're Different

As specialists in government contractor receivables factoring and related accounts receivable management services, armcor is able to extend favorable terms as warranted by the credit standing of the U.S. Government.

At its core our factoring programs are nothing more than a fair deal for contractors: Why should you pay your bank, factor, or asset-based lender interest for the collections delays they actually cause? It doesn't make sense to give your receivables as collateral, allow the lien holder to keep as much as thirty percent (30%) of face value as security, and then suffer interest charges when they slow down collections. It is not fair, and it certainly is not necessary.

But don't take our word for it—compare our terms and conditions to others. Look at the reserves they keep and the interest they charge for them to collect at whatever level of promptness they want.

For larger or more complicated deals, we can customize a solution around private label factoring or some other plan.

Other factors and traditional lending sources use a framework built to serve the commercial world. Their only experience with the federal government is paying taxes to the IRS. So they tend to use the same tools, contracts, and business practices they are familiar with, but these just aren't very useful when the ultimate customer is the federal government.


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