Invoice Factoring

Through our innovative factoring programs contractors can at last leverage the impeccable credit of the United States Government to help pay bills or invest in growth and expansion.

armcor purchases certified federal government contractor invoices at a flat discount rate (see Frequently Asked Questions for more). Unlike traditional bank lending that relies on the growth of hard assets that may be liquidated in the event of a loan default, our innovative approach places no impediments on the growth of your enterprise and relies solely on the business you have generated.

And when the need arises, we are also willing and able to work with U.S. forces stationed in war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan, and in other areas of civil unrest where our troops need critical supplies and war materiel.

The simple approach of our factoring program provides unmatched benefits to government contractors:

  • Non-recourse.

  • No debts incurred: armcor factoring is not a loan.

  • Factoring with armcor will let you pay your suppliers early, taking advantage of early payment discounts offered by most vendors.

  • Stop giving discounts: Since we transfer funds to you at the time you sell each invoice, there is no longer any reason for you to offer special incentives for prompt payment.

  • No additional collateral needed (the invoice and the assignment of the contract while the invoice is outstanding are the only collateral we need).

  • No equity to give up: Unlike venture capital sources or angel investors, we buy your invoices, not your company.

  • No financial audit required.

  • No business plan examination.

  • No profitability requirement.

  • No minimum number of years in business requirement.

  • No risk of slow payments.

  • No time wasted in collecting invoices. 

  • Flat Rates: We were the first, and when we say it, it's actually true. A few imitators have now chosen to use this term in their advertising, but they are not really offering a one-time rate that doesn't change if collections lag. Flat rates mean that the original price we negotiate never changes.

  • No holdback or reserve: We wire you the full purchase price of your invoice at the time of the sale (not "some now, some later" as has been the practice of other factors).

  • No personal guarantee required.

  • No company or personal tax returns needed.

  • No company or personal financial statements needed.

  • No hidden charges.

  • No upfront application fee.

  • We work with banks to assist you with purchase order financing and mobilization funding, and these alliances assist our clients in transitioning to regular balance sheet lending at the earliest possible time. Our goal is to help you when our interests overlap, and to have you as a good reference.

Contact us and let us show you how much you really pay in hidden charges, thinly-veiled interest fees, early termination penalties, and a bevy of surcharges under the plans of other traditional factoring companies and asset-based lenders.


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