From its roots as a federal contractor responsible for collecting hundreds of millions of dollars of invoices, armcor’s corporate heritage includes deep understanding of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and adept navigation of the bureaucracy. This unique core competency is essential to every armcor offering.

Factoring — Factoring is an ancient financial tool that has become unnecessarily complicated. We've changed that by offering innovative flat-rate factoring options that leverage the impeccable credit of the U.S. Government to accelerate contractor cash flow, fuel growth, and increase profitability without the need for personal guarantees or hidden fees. Available to most companies, including new, rapidly growing, distressed, reorganized, or otherwise underserved businesses, armcor also welcomes firms traditionally ineligible for factoring, such as military, intelligence, construction, and seasonal contractors. Flexible and scalable, no debt or additional collateral is required. Minimal disclosure is necessary. Factoring also leads to better supplier terms and is often a better overall value than bank credit lines.

Special Projects — armcor closes transactions that pose obstacles for other financial institutions. We work with logistics, security, energy, and construction contractors supporting U.S. forces in war zones or areas of unrest. Transactions involving complexity or needing special discretion are not disqualified.

Prime Contractor Collections Services — armcor helps contractors collect receivables due from the U. S. Government, whether they are current, past due, or significantly aged. Even if contracts have expired or personnel changes have occurred, armcor helps get open collections matters resolved.

ARM Consulting and Services — From the routine billing procedures of small companies to the legacy issues and complex disputes faced by large corporations, armcor offers a wide range of accounts receivables management (ARM) consulting and services to U.S. Government prime contractors around the world. For claims vouchers or adjustments we work closely with the appropriate audit agency. Concentrate on the provision of goods and services that define your company and let us worry about the red tape involved in getting paid.

Capital Sourcing — Through strategic partnerships, armcor connects clients to asset-based lending, purchase order financing, mobilization funding, contract monetization, trade finance, letters of credit, private equity investment, factoring for state and local contractors, reverse factoring for subcontractors to large primes, and more. armcor assists as required, from introductions to account servicing.

Contractor Services — armcor has access to a vast reservoir of expertise including Congressional staff, retired military officers, former contracting officers, lobbyists, administrative law attorneys, subject-matter experts, private equity providers, and others. Through its strategic partners, armcor can even provide contract administration, access to GSA and other MAS procurement vehicles, marketing assistance, Washington, DC area representation, teaming, administrative support, business entity formation, surety bonding, and other services.

Payment Office Monitoring Service — armcor's Payment Office Monitoring Service (POMS™) for DFAS is an automated service that continuously tracks DoD contractor invoices and provides convenient notification of any changes to status or content. Superior to alternatives that update infrequently, cover only some contracts, and relay incomplete data. After a free trial period, most companies may opt for the free, weekly POMS Basic service.


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