Who Needs Factoring?

Without information, proper navigation, and a good clock even the sturdiest vessels are at risk. And even after danger is finally identified, many misjudge the size of the problem. This, of course, leads to an under-allocation of resources, and that, in turn, leads to disaster since the problem is not adequately addressed.

Those who do make it through must either go very slowly or they are forced to dedicate a significant amount of resources to the problem. And once those resources are redirected, of course, those funds can no longer pay your staff, and they cannot fuel the engine of growth and opportunity.

Businesses that cannot generate sufficient cash internally can sell their federal government receivables via a simple procedure. Designed from a blank piece of paper, armcor factoring is centered around the unmatched creditworthiness of the federal government.

Whenever you have to pay others before you get paid:

  • Sell your certified government invoices to armcor and have money wired to your bank upon assignment and acceptance.

  • Sell without a holdback and focus your energy on expanding your business (not on collecting from the government). 

  • Sell without reserves, and without personal guaranties.

Enroll with us now so you will be ready when you need to get started.


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